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WAFC Statement: Public Accounts Committee Report Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 3:08 PM

The WAFC has received the report from the Public Accounts Committee which was established to review the use of State funds and whether the WAFC is meeting its obligations under the State Funding Agreement.

The WAFC will now thoroughly review and consider the findings and recommendations included in the 110-page document.

The WAFC has fully participated throughout the inquiry process and will now give priority to the content of the report tabled today.

A special meeting of the WAFC Commissioners and Executive will be convened to review the report and all WAFC members and affiliates will be invited to participate in a “Footy Forum” to consider how we act on the report’s recommendations and move forward collectively as a sport.

The forum will provide an opportunity for all football stakeholders to have a voice and contribute to the improvement and sustainability of football in Western Australia.

If there are meaningful improvements to football that can come from this process, the WAFC is open to implementing these initiatives with the support of key football stakeholders.

The WAFC, in August, also launched its revised short-term strategy to support the recovery and growth of WA Football, which is available on our website.

Given the WAFC is currently in the midst of commissioner elections and the recruitment of a new CEO, it is also appropriate that each of these parties has the opportunity to provide input into the structure, governance and priorities of the WAFC moving forward.