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Annual Review of WAFL Rules and RegulationsWednesday, October 28, 2020 - 12:03 PM

The West Australian Football Commission has finalised its annual review of Rules and Regulations for the West Australian Football League following the conclusion of the 2020 Optus WAFL Premiership Season. 

The annual review is a vital part of the WAFC’s focus to deliver a high standard, competitive and sustainable WAFL competition, where all clubs have the opportunity to play finals and win premierships. 

For the 2021 season, the strategy to gradually reduce the Player Recruitment Points allocated to each club will continue, further encouraging home-grown talent to be add to each WAFL club’s list. 

After reducing the baseline Player Recruitment Points allocation across the competition from 120 to 100 last year, the baseline will be reduced again to 95 points in 2021. 

Lower placed clubs will receive an allocation above 100 points to increase the competitiveness of each side and the overall competition. 

Peel Thunder will have 85 player points allocated and up to $145,000 as part of their Total Player Payment.  

There will be an increase to the baseline allocation of Interstate players allowed at each club from a maximum of six (6) to seven (7) players. 

As part of equalisation measures, the ability will remain for the WAFC to adjust a club’s Player Recruitment Points allocation above 95 points or seven (7) interstate players on a needs basis to improve competitiveness.

Further discussions are ongoing between the WAFC and West Coast Eagles in regard to their participation in the 2021 Optus WAFL Premiership Season. 

WAFL Competition
•    Player Recruitment Point reductions – The overall baseline Player Recruitment Points cap reduced from 100 to 95 for Season 2021. (Clubs on 95 will include Claremont, Subiaco, South Fremantle and West Perth). 
•    Player Recruitment Point concessions – Lower placed clubs will receive an allocation above 100 points to improve competitiveness. (Perth 115, East Fremantle 115, Swan Districts 120, East Perth 125)
•    Interstate Players – Increase to the base allocation of interstate players from six (6) to a maximum of seven (7) players per club.

WAFL Clubs
•    Reduction from 100 to 95 Player Recruitment Points
East Fremantle
•    Reduction from 120 to 115 Player Recruitment Points
East Perth
•    Remain at 125 Player Recruitment Points
•    Remain 45 protected players
Peel Thunder
•    Increase from 80 to 85 Player Recruitment Points
•    Player list to be a minimum of 45 players
•    TPP - $145,000
•    Protected list of 35 players 
•    AFL Finals eligibility: Min 6 matches and 1 match of the last 8 matches
•    Increase from 110 to 115 Player Recruitment Points
•    45 protected players as per 2020
South Fremantle
•    Reduction from 100 to 95 Player Recruitment Points
•    Reduction from 100 to 95 Player Recruitment Points
•    No Recruiting Restrictions in 2021
Swan Districts
•    Remain at 120 Player Recruitment Points 
West Perth
•    Reduction from 100 to 95 Player Recruitment Points