Strategic Plan

As Australia and the rest of the world responded to the COVID-19 crisis, it became evident that the football industry in Western Australia would be dramatically impacted and a review of the WAFC strategy would be necessary to steer the football industry in a new, post-COVID landscape. Whilst having an existing five-year strategic plan, the WAFC recognised that a revised plan would be required to address the challenges and the recovery required for football in WA.

This document summarises the work undertaken by the WAFC in developing a strategic response that focusses on the recovery of WA Football. The strategy has been developed to ensure the WAFC can be clear on its priorities to ensure effective allocation of resources and an appropriate organisational structure to support the ongoing governance and development of WA Football. 

The WAFC commenced the strategy revision process in April 2020 by undertaking a review of the external environment and how it has changed as a result of COVID-19, as well as the impact upon the WAFC itself. Given these impacts, the WAFC then considered where we needed to focus our attention and resources to ensure a considered response to the new football landscape in WA and a sustainable industry moving forward. 

Through this process the WAFC has undertaken detailed assessment of the future financial model for WA Football, specifically for 2021. In 2020, the WAFC is currently forecasting a loss of just over $2M, which includes the expected costs associated with restructuring the WAFC. In 2021 the WAFC, and by extension football in WA, will have a revenue reduction close to $6M, which will require significant changes to our staffing structure and operating model. This represents an almost 20% reduction in the funds available for WA football next year. 

As a result of this process, the WAFC has revised its pillars, goals and strategic project priorities as part of setting a revised strategy for the WAFC in 2021-2022. The WAFC Board has endorsed the following strategy and related timelines.




WAFC Revised Strategic Plan 2021-2022

WAFC Strategic Plan 2017-2022