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Band of Brothers and a Female First in Umpiring Team of the DecadeThursday, May 5, 2022 - 10:11 AM - by Mark Readings

Two brothers and a female goal umpire have created history after being named in the WANFLUA Team of the Decade.

Jeff and Brett Dalgleish have become the only brothers named in the same Team of the Decade, while Sally Boud is the first female to be selected.

The West Australian National Football League Umpires Association celebrated its 70th anniversary at the weekend, combining the night with the latest edition of the Team of the Decade.

Ten umpires were nominated in each discipline and the selection committee narrowed that down to pick a team of three field umpires and one emergency, four boundary umpires and two goal umpires, plus a third scorer.


The Team of the Decade 

Field Umpires

  1. Brett Rosebury
  2. Jeff Dalgleish
  3. Dean Margetts

Emergency – Nathan Williamson

Boundary Umpires

  1. Nathan Doig
  2. Brett Dalgleish
  3. Jace Collingridge
  4. Josh Garrett

Goal Umpires

  1. Brett Rogers
  2. Luke Edwards
    Third Scorer – Sally Boud

Brett Rosebury, Dean Margetts, and Nathan Doig displayed their sustained excellence by being selected in back-to-back Teams of the Decade.

“It’s the best of the best in WA and all the umpires over the past decade have CV’s you’d love to have.

I really appreciate the work done by the WANFLUA to make these events special and celebrate these highly decorated umpires,” Margetts said.

Margetts, who umpired 377 matches, has fond memories of his fellow Team of the Decade members.

“Brett and I both came from the Demons Junior Umpiring Club, which makes our selection somewhat unique.

Jeff and I have umpired for many years together so to celebrate with those two is nice.

Then there’s Nathan who’s so gifted and will achieve many honours during his career,” said Margetts.

Earning his first Team of the Decade honour, boundary umpire Brett Dalgleish admits gaining selection alongside his brother Jeff is special.

“To be included in the same side as Jeff will be a family memory we’ll always cherish.

I’m proud of the career Jeff has established and I’m sure the feelings are mutual,” Dalgleish said.

For Sally Boud, being the first women picked in the Team of the Decade vindicates her years of hard work.

"I love the level of professionalism in our umpiring group.

They all motivate me to improve myself in every aspect of my life.

It’s a very proud moment to be chosen in the Team of the Decade,” Boud said.

Association President David Thatcher declared the night a resounding success.

“The function was one of the highlights of my time as part of the umpiring group.

The night also highlighted the quality of umpires that we produce in WA.

To have 25 umpires in this decade officiate at AFL level is incredible and to see the success of our female umpires sets an example for other umpires.

The concept is a really great way to recognise the umpires who have succeeded on field as part of the WANFLUA.

But it also provides a platform to recognise the 10 best umpires of the last 10 years in each discipline.

Those umpires who were nominated were honoured to be a part of the consideration for the team,” Thatcher said.

Staging the Team of the Decade with the 70th Anniversary brought together umpires from different eras.

“The anniversary celebration highlights to new and younger umpires that lifelong friendships that can be developed.

To see life members who umpired in the 60’s and 70’s and still attend these functions is an endorsement of the quality of people we have in the Association,” Thatcher said.

The Team of the Decade follows on from the Team of the Half Century announced in 2002 and the most recent team of the decade in 2012.

Umpires selected automatically become eligible for the Team of the Century in 2052.