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Kalbarri and Northampton Auskick Relief FundWednesday, June 9, 2021 - 9:30 PM

On April 17, the popular holiday town of Kalbarri, on the coast about 700 kilometres north of Perth, along with Northampton just to its south-east, were decimated when Cyclone Seroja ripped through. It took with it houses, holiday resorts, farmhouses, barns and the local football clubs facilities and sheds. 

Housed in those football clubs and sheds were all the footballs, bibs, jumpers and equipment needed to run the weekly Auskick sessions for the local kids. 

The regions own West Australian Football Commission Regional Development Specialist, Grady Tomelty, approached the WAFC, to see what could be done to help these struggling towns.

The WAFC, WAFA (WA Football Association) and AFL through NAB AFL Auskick, came together to fund every enrolment across the two centres, plus support with new footballs and equipment. 

Last Friday night, Kalbarri ran their first NAB AFL Auskick session for 2021. The Auskick coordinator, Brenton Meynell, stated, "Thank you again for all the support. We successfully kicked off the season with our biggest turn out ever". He then went on to say, "in the picture, you can still see the cyclone damage in the background".

The WAFC and AFL are delighted to see all those smiling faces enjoying being back at their local footy ground participating in Auskick.

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