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Footy is Back- It's Play Time this WeekendFriday, April 30, 2021 - 12:32 PM

After a shortened but highly successful 2020 season, it’s great to be back to footy and hopefully we are set for a full year with our WA Footy family!  As we start to check our gear bags for mouthguards, the right coloured shorts, and our new playing socks (or maybe the lucky ones from last year that don’t get washed), we’d like everyone to remember some key rules and offer some useful tips for the season ahead. 


Spirit of Junior Football:

We all play, coach, volunteer or watch because we love the game – it’s up to all of us

to make game day an enjoyable experience.

Players make mistakes, so do umpires, coaches and volunteers. It’s part of our game and it’s part of life.

Abuse, either physical or verbal has no place in our game – we must treat each other with respect at all times. 


Preparation starts before the warmup:

Make sure you eat healthy meals in the lead up to your game, think 2 fruits & 5 vegetables.

For healthy recipe ideas to fuel your game, see full list

That fast food snack before the game won’t help you in the last quarter, but a banana or apple will!


Drink water before the game:

Remember we don’t have water carriers in 2021 (just like last year) so remember to drink adequate water before the game.

This includes the day before – the best hydration comes from water intake the day before exercise.

This doesn’t mean water is banned - utilise rotations to allow a drink break, and you can leave your bottle safely outside the boundary or behind the goals.

Don’t forget to put your name on your water bottle and remember that we cannot share water bottles.

WA Government restrictions currently in place: 
Masks will be mandatory for indoor public venues including clubhouses, changerooms and member facilities. Masks do not need to be worn outside, providing social distancing measures can be achieved. 

The two square metre rule continues to apply inside indoor facilities, including clubhouses, changerooms and member facilities. 

Clubs, participants and spectators are also reminded of the other COVID safe requirements including checking in on the SafeWA app, personal hygiene measures and not attending any football activities if unwell.

If you are attending games this weekend and cannot maintain social distancing requirements outside, you will need to continue to wear your mask. Please make sure you carry a mask when attending or playing games. 


Rules and Regulations:

Each age group has specific rules, designed to help develop match day skills and decision making and minimise injuries.

KIA Club Hub has each individual age groups Rules and Regs available for download on phone, tablet or computer.

Click here for the link to see the different rules for your age group.

2021 has already been a tough year, we have faced some real challenges as a WA community, but we are extremely lucky to be able to play AFL, so let’s make the most of it!


Get around that new teammate when she kicks her first goal, celebrate your ruckman’s perfect tap, cheer on your mates when they link up for a goal and congratulate the backs when they stop one.

And don’t forget to thank the umpire after the game, because without them we have no game.

Good luck to everyone involved in footy this weekend and for the season ahead and don’t forget to tag us in on your special footy moments on social media with #wafooty