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Kia continues driving WA FootballMonday, June 29, 2020 - 10:44 AM

Kia Motors has committed to extending its partnership with the West Australian Football Commission for a further three years, providing ongoing support to community football in WA during a critical time for all levels of the game throughout the State.
As a WA Football partner for the past two years, Kia has supported junior football, provided vehicles for development staff, and helped make possible the 7 Network’s television coverage of the West Australian Football League.
From 2020 onwards Kia’s support will also extend to female football, as a Premier Partner of the WAFL Women’s competition.

WAFC CEO Gavin Taylor thanked Kia for their continued and highly valued support of WA Football.
“Kia’s commitment over the last two seasons has been greatly appreciated. To see that support extended for another three years, especially during a time of such uncertainty, is absolutely fantastic. We are truly grateful for their unwavering support,” Mr Taylor said. 
“I also know our staff have really enjoyed driving Kia fleet vehicles to perform their roles in connecting and enhancing WA communities and are looking forward to being able to continue doing this.”
Kia Regional General Manager, Ian Juster said that extending the partnership with the WAFC was a great opportunity to build on what had already been a great success for both football and Kia in Western Australia.
“This partnership with WA football and the WAFL competition has really fitted well with our brand and ambition to be more closely connected with the WA community,” Mr Juster said. 
“We are excited about the opportunity to continue providing support for a game that is such an important part of Western Australia’s culture and community.”
“We are committed to working with the WAFC and building a strong ongoing relationship that will continue to benefit WA football, the WAFL and WAFL Women’s competitions, and Kia’s WA dealer network.”