Stop Umpire Abuse

IT STARTS WITH YOU. Stop umpire abuse. 

Umpires work hard to officiate games. They train hard and often run more than players on game day. 

They're family members, friends, volunteers and paid professionals. Their role does not include abuse of any sort.

The Stop Umpire Abuse campaign comes well overdue, following the results of research commissioned by the WAFC at the end of the 2021 season. Excitingly, it is the first campaign of any Australian sport to focus on umpire wellbeing. 

Featuring social media ads, Spotify ads and more, the campaign aims at educating players, coaches and spectators about the harmful disrespect umpires face in their work.

No matter what you do, who you are or what you think you know, umpires don't deserve a serve.




Umpiring is a great way to keep fit, make friends, give back to the game you love and earn some extra cash.

By becoming an umpire, you are ensuring the game is played in a fair manner according to the laws of the game with the best seat in the house!

While the level of fitness required depends on what discipline (Field, Boundary or Goal) you are interested in, umpires do need to be mentally and physically fit.

The level of fitness required also depends on what level of football you want to be involved with. Generally, the higher the grade the higher level of fitness required.

Umpires at all levels are encouraged to attend umpire training where they receive fitness programs tailored to your needs.

You can’t trust two opposing teams to make important decisions that could affect the outcome of the game. You need an independent, objective official who is unbiased and knows the laws of the game.

Without umpires, there is no one to ensure the game is played in a safe, controlled and fair manner.

If you’re keen to put on the green shirt and have a go, that’s awesome!

It doesn’t matter who you are or your background, if you want to be involved in football then umpiring can be a hugely rewarding experience that teaches you important life skills. There is a place for everybody in umpiring!

Check out this page and follow the steps.

 1. It starts with you! Be mindful of your words and actions. Remember umpires are trying to do the best they can and need your support. 

 2. If you see or hear umpire abuse, call it out! Don’t be afraid to speak up and show up when you witness any form of abuse.  Ask them how they would like it if it were their own son or daughter being abused in their workplace...?

3. Educate others. Refer them to our website for more information.