AFL 9s is a fast, free-flowing game that involves 9 players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it's mixed 'touch football' with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for people of any age or skill level.

"The Game for Everyone" emphasises inclusive competition that is accessible to individuals of all abilities. AFL 9s has strong parallels with the traditional game but is easier to play and provides an environment whereby participation, enjoyment and safety are the priority.

How to get Involved

It is as simple as getting a group of at least 9 mates together and registering a team for the upcoming season.  Mixed teams must include a minimum of 3 girls but we strongly encourage teams to aim to get as many girls as possible. Can’t get a team together? You can register as a Free Agent and will then be allocated to a team. 

To register a team or as an individual please go to here 


Competitions (Venues) running for Spring 2021

South Perth Click here

Sorrento Click here

Claremont Click here

City Beach Click here

Cockburn Click here

Bunbury Click here

Dunsborough Coming soon!


Contact Information

Michelle Sewell -
Auskick and Junior Football Coordinator
Phone: 9287 5527


AFLX is a new and exciting game created by the AFL to showcase some of the most thrilling elements of Australian Football.

While there are some familiar aspects, this new game will provide a very different experience. AFLX is played on a rectangular field with seven players on the field and three on the bench. AFLX is an express form of the game, with explosive action exhilarating fans of all ages. There are 10-point super goals, last-touch out of bounds and non-stop action on and off the field.

To find out more about the rules click here: AFLX YOUTH RULES

How to get involved


Competition Contact

Michelle Sewell -
Auskick and Junior Football Coordinator
Phone: 9287 5527