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Simply Energy Diaries: Heath ChapmanFriday, May 22, 2020 - 12:31 PM

In a time of great uncertainty around the footballing world, we take you inside the lives of our Western Australian Under 18s as they navigate their way through an unprecedented 2020 season. The positives, the negatives and the new opportunities that present themselves will all be told in the ‘Simply Energy Diaries.’

The 67 days between being told our football season was on hold until now has felt like an eternity. 

This week has marked the start of training back at clubs and that has definitely shifted the mood of all the boys. It still isn’t clear what sort of season we will have, but just to be kicking a footy with your mates is enough for now. 

I can’t wait to get started….

Health as a priority.

Through the entire Coronavirus situation, I have tried to take a different approach to most. I haven’t really looked at the negative side of what the virus has brought to footy. All of my family has remained healthy, that was my priority from the very start. Health is definitely a priority over footy and aside from that I’ve tried to carry on and train as hard as I can.

It hasn’t been an easy period, but it’s been amazing to spend more time with the family through this part of the year. Normally footy consumes what I do, training and preparation takes up a lot of the week. Being at the club four nights a week means I miss a lot of family dinners and things like that. Those small things have been great through a challenging time. 

Back at it. 

Being back at training has been a highlight. I have kept in contact with a core group of mates at West Perth and the with the Talent Academy. It’s just good to be kicking a footy with mates. Even the banter inside the club has been something sorely missed. Everyone misses it and it is the sort of place where you can take your mind off things going on around you.

I am trying my best to get back into the swing of things and have a routine of some description. Playing footy is what I love doing and I’m 100 percent confident in the work I have put in during the extended pre-season. I can’t wait to put it all out on the field, I think my best footy is still in front of me. 

I’ve been able to count on the usual suspects from West Perth if I ever need advice or help thus far. Aaron Black has always been there for a chat. At training, I can always go to ‘Blacky’ and ask a question about a drill or what he does to prepare. He is so good with being supportive and a great skipper for a young guy like me. 

The black & yellow

If we get the opportunity this year, it would be such an honour to pull on the black and yellow. It’s a dream come true really, not many get to represent their state, particularly in a sport that you love. Normally you’re on the other side of the field to many of the WA teammates, so to play with such talented guys and good mates is really special.

Being a leader has been one of my focal points throughout the small interactions we’ve had this season. I’ve wanted to grow my leaderships skills and become a leader of any side I am a part of. I really want to do everything I can to make the people around me better and have a positive impact on the boys as best I can. 

As a group, we have been so lucky to hear from the likes of Nathan Buckley, Joel Selwood and Justin Longmuir. We wouldn’t have had access to those type of people unless this was all going on and it has been a bit of a silver lining in the sense. Just the advice they’ve been able to give, going through the same sort of emotions from a different perspective has been great.