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Round 12 Reserves and Colts WrapThursday, June 15, 2017 - 12:13 AM - by Chris Pike

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EAST Fremantle regained top spot in the REDiMED Colts on Saturday with a win over Claremont while South Fremantle maintained its hold on first place in the Reserves with a big win over Peel Thunder.

Round 12 in the reserves started on Saturday with Claremont beating East Fremantle 9.9 (63) to 8.11 (59) at Claremont Oval, Subiaco downing Perth 23.14 (152) to 8.10 (58) at Lathlain Park and South Fremantle thrashing Peel Thunder 25.14 (164) to 7.2 (44) at Fremantle Community Bank Oval.

Then on Sunday at Steel Blue Oval, West Perth defeated Swan Districts 15.12 (102) to 3.9 (27).

The results see South Fremantle (9-2) remain two games clear on top of the ladder ahead of Claremont (7-3) and Perth (6-5). Subiaco (5-6) and East Fremantle (5-5) round out the top five.

East Perth (4-6) sits in sixth position ahead of Swan Districts (4-6), West Perth (4-6) and Peel Thunder (3-8).

The REDiMED Colts action got underway on Saturday morning with East Fremantle defeating Claremont 13.9 (87) to 9.6 (60), Subiaco beating Perth 12.17 (89) to 6.4 (40) and South Fremantle winning a thriller 11.7 (73) to 10.8 (68) over Peel Thunder.

West Perth then beat Swan Districts 10.10 (70) to 2.10 (22) on Sunday morning.

East Fremantle regained top spot on the ladder with its win to improve to an 8-2 record to be ahead of Peel Thunder (7-1-3) and Swan Districts (6-1-3). Claremont (6-4) and Subiaco (6-5) occupy the last two spots in the top five.

West Perth (4-6) is in sixth spot ahead of South Fremantle (4-7), East Perth (3-7) and Perth (2-9).

Claremont's reserves made a winning start to the Tigers' return to Claremont Oval on Saturday with a thrilling four-point win against East Fremantle.

Jack Richardson kicked three goals for Claremont and Corey Mitchell two.

Morgan Davies compiled 33 possessions for the Tigers, Bailey Bennett 25, Jacob Sideris 25, Lachlan Martinis 24, Ben Musitano 21 and Zac Langdon 20. Jeremy Goddard amassed 55 hit outs.

Dion Anthony responded to his demotion with 30 possessions and two goals for East Fremantle with Nicholas Bonomelli also booting two majors.

Tom Omodei racked up 34 disposals for the Sharks, Sean Henson 30, Joel Kalajzic 30, Ambrose Ryan 23, Tim Bristow 20 and Peter Delaney 19.

Subiaco's reserves set the tone for the league contest at Lathlain Park later in the day with a thumping 94-point victory against Perth on Saturday.

Ryan Vermeersch and Shannon Nelson both kicked five goals apiece for Subiaco with Dylan Clarke booting three majors, and Ray Daniels, Simon Parry and Rowen Powell two apiece.

Matt Bogensperger amassed 34 possessions for the Lions, Powell 25, Daniel Leach 24, James Garcia 23, Daniels 20, Clarke 20 and McKenzie Lawrence 17. Josh Chapman racked up 58 hit outs.

Kasey Nicholas kicked three goals for Perth with Lennon Marlin gathering 28 possessions, Jake Schleicher 23, Brent Edmonds 19, Andries Mercer 19 and Matt Thompson 17.

South Fremantle's reserves consolidated top spot further with a thumping 120-point win over Peel Thunder at Fremantle Community Bank Oval on Saturday.

Mitch Dzelebdzic kicked five goals from 19 possessions and nine marks for South Fremantle with Zac De San Miguel also booting three majors.

Shaun Bewick sent a real message finishing the game with 41 possessions, 15 marks and five goals.

Brendan Verrier also racked up 36 disposals, Matthew Gundry 28, Jarrod Parry 27, Chad Pearson 24, Tom Vandeleur 22, Matthew Parker 21, Kyle Russell 19, Daniel Cabassi 18, Andre Coutinho 18 and Daniel Burke 18.

Matthew Grubelich was impressive in the ruck with 18 touches, six marks, 30 hit outs and a goal.

Jake Dowding had a good game in the ruck for Peel with 20 possessions, 33 hit outs and a goal.

Jacob Perry also had 17 disposals for the Thunder, Michael Humble 16, Chris Wrigley 15 and Jackson Burkett 15.

Then in the reserves contest on Sunday at Steel Blue Oval, West Perth beat Swan Districts by 75 points.

Max Alexander booted four goals for the Falcons with Sam Rotham also kicking three majors, Mitch Antonio two and Brayden Antonio two.

Aidan Lynch finished with 27 possessions, Mitch Peirce 27, Brayden Antonio 27, Conal Lynch 25, Alexander Coe 24, Nathan Alexandre 21, Mitch Antonio 20 and Riley Hutchinson 18.

Chris Keunen continued to build form and fitness in his second game back with 15 possessions, six marks, 16 hit outs and a goal.

Brayden Hackett, Jonathan Armstrong and Logan Hughes were the three goal scorers for Swan Districts.

Ethan Maguire gathered 26 possessions for the black-and-whites, David McKay 24, Hughes 23, Mitchell Mackenzie 22, Levi Ridley 20, Brandon Erceg 19, Hackett 19, Jacob Coniglio 17 and Josh Power 17.

East Fremantle's colts returned to top spot after a 27-point victory over Claremont at Claremont Oval on Saturday morning.

Dillon O'Reilly booted three goals for East Fremantle with Jayden Quill, Samuel Lewis, Joshua Ritchie and Brandon Collard all kicked two apiece.

Zachary Jackson gathered 24 possessions for the Sharks, Milan Murdock 21, Chris Scott 21, Ritchie 19, Quill 19, Dwayne Nevill 18, Liam Rajanayagam 18 and Collard 17.

Nicholas Allan kicked two goals for Claremont with Jack Blaauw gathering 24 possessions, Jack Lewsey 21, Declan McNamara 20 and Wil Powell 18.

Subiaco's colts recorded a strong 49-point victory over Perth at Lathlain Park.

Christian Martin kicked four goals for Subiaco with Che Wyatt booting two.

Tristan Hobley racked up 28 possessions for the Lions with Thomas Edwards-Baldwin finishing with 24 disposals, Luke Foley 22, Nicholas Baroni 17 and Koby Fullgrabe 16.

Alan Narkle kicked three of Perth's six goals for the game.

Maverick Hamilton finished with 20 disposals for the Demons, Joseph Ugle 17, Luke English 17, Regan Flaherty 17, Zac Casey 16 and Caelen Bennell 16.

South Fremantle's colts began the action on Saturday at Fremantle Community Bank Oval defeating Peel Thunder by five points.

Lachlan Feeney kicked two goals for South Fremantle as did Luke Moore to go with 18 possessions.

Glenn Byron gathered 20 disposals for the Bulldogs, Bruno Faulkner 18, Michael Redman 18, Matthew Ward 18, Luke Moore 18, Eddy Pezet 18 and Toby McQuilkin 18.

Jacob Warne had a good performance in the ruck with 16 touches, 28 hit outs and a goal.

Michael Stevens booted five goals for Peel to go with 16 possessions and six marks. Jarrad Fazioli also kicked two goals.

Lachlan Mitchell picked up 21 possessions for the Thunder, Jake Howes 18, Jackson Perry 17, James Sturrock 17 and Lachlan Riley 16.

West Perth's colts got the action on Sunday at Steel Blue Oval underway with a 48-point victory over Swan Districts.

Nathan Murray kicked three goals for West Perth, Koopah Todd two and Tyrese Miller two.

Connor West racked up 29 possessions for the Falcons to go with seven tackles, six inside 50s and a goal.

Thomas Medhat also had 21 disposals for West Perth with Baylee James gathering 19 touches, Todd 19 and Thomas Boyes 18 to go with 12 tackles. Bailey Chalmers and Tom O'Donnell also had 17 touches apiece.

Blake Pescud and Sebastian Bright kicked the two goals for Swan Districts.

Mitchell Bain collected 26 possessions for Swans, Jack O'Sullivan 25, William Reidy 24, Malaki Rodoreda 21, Joel Curtis 19, Gregory Ottaviano 18, Pescud 17 and Jarrod Brockbernd 17.