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Students learn ins and outs of umpiringMonday, December 5, 2016 - 12:48 PM

More than 20 students from Coodanup College in Mandurah will take part in a three-week umpiring course this month to further develop their goal, field and boundary umpiring skills.

It will be the second time some of these students from years 7 to 10 will get the opportunity to learn from WA Football Commission (WAFC) Umpiring Development Manager and AFL Umpire Dean Margetts, after the first clinic of its kind was held last year.

Margetts said the aim of the program, which is run by the WAFC in partnership with the AFL, is to help strengthen the students’ umpiring skills and provide them with the best opportunities to further their personal development.

“A selection of students from last year’s program got the chance to officiate in this year’s Nicky Winmar Carnival,” Margett said.

“All the students did a great job and also managed to earn some pocket money for their efforts. It demonstrates to the students that umpiring can become part time employment for them.”

During this month’s clinic student will learn about positioning, the execution of skills, match management, the importance of decision-making, and will take part in a range of on-field workshops.

One of the most important things Margetts wants all students to develop over the course of the program is a sense of confidence.

“The benefits of umpiring aren’t just seen on field, it’s the off-field confidence these students develop which underpins the success of the program. The best umpires are the ones who make the courageous calls, show composure in the heat of battle and communicate with confidence," he said.

“The WAFC and AFL are fully committed to providing the best umpiring pathways and opportunities to as many members of the WA community as possible.

“The aim is to help these students transition into Junior District Umpiring and facilitate football games on the weekends in the season 2017.”

For anyone looking to giving umpiring a go for the 2017 season, please head to and register your interest.