Junior / Youth Football

Go for 2&5 WA Junior Football

With modified rules and game structures, Junior Football provides all children with equal opportunity to experience playing AFL under an assigned coach in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Junior Football is for all children in school years 3 – 7, or ages seven to twelve. Junior competitions are structured to ensure that children will only play with their own year group. For Girls Only competitions, there may still be mixed-year competitions. 

Youth Football is for years 8 – 12, and provides participants with the opportunity to play in a graded competition within a club environment. Youth football is a chance to play football with friends, with a focus on team building.

Girls are able to play in the mixed gender competition until the age of 14, or the year 9 competition. Where possible, it is encouraged that girls play in the single gender competition. As girls footy is still growing, many of the competitions include two age groups.

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Rule variations

Years 3 - 4

-    Smaller field size and use of junior equipment
-    12-a-side and 15-a-side teams 
-    Children have opportunity to play every position
-    Tackling  introduced in a modified ‘wrap’ tackle
-    All attempted marks called

Years 5 - 6

-    Smaller field size and use of junior equipment  
-    15-a-side (12-a-side for female)
-    Safe tackling is introduced, along with bumpinng, smothering and shepherding 
-    Marks have a minimum distance of 10 metres

Year 7-10

-    Scoring, match results, premiership points, ladders and finals are all introoduced  
-    Play to AFL rules 
-    15-a-side or 18-a-side teams

Year 11 - 12

-    Play to AFL rules
-    18-a-side 

Youth Girls Year 7 - 12

-    Smaller fields, and modified equipment
-    12-a-side and 15-a-side


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